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Strategic Parent Solutions is an organization that supports parents as they help their children navigate scholastic and extracurricular goals to achieve entry into elite prep schools and colleges.

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Strategic Parent Solutions offers a multi tiered approach to helping families prepare their child to be competitive when applying to prep schools and universities.  We offer a comprehensive wrap around program that will help coordinate your child's extra curricular activities, course selection and application.  We also offer lesser tiers where we can help with any stage of the process.  Most of our clients start make use of the selection of desired "best fit" schools and assistance with the applications.  Other families may start very early in the process and are looking to cultivate the applicant based on the child's chosen extra curricular activities and or academic goals.  


Sharice is an OBGYN with a special interest in pediatric and adolescent gynecology by training. She worked as the Director of Inpatient Obstetrics & Gynecology services for 8 years at a metropolitan hospital. Sharice graduated from UCLA and earned her Doctor of Medicine from Wake Forest University.  Sharice is the proud mother and Momager of 14 year-old Samaria who keeps her busy with her professional performances in commercial dance, theater, and legit. Her family loves to travel and spend time with Winnie, their sweet Yorkie. 
Strategic Parent Solutions was founded based on a need that I saw when I was trying to help my family and friends with their children as they were navigating their elite prep school and college application.  Parents want greatness for their children, but they may not have to tools and resources to find the best fit for their child in elite boarding/prep schools and colleges.  

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